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dalia jewelry is a product of Dalia Alfandary's 35 years experience as a jewelry artisan and gem expert.

From her workshop and manufacturing centers on the inspiring islands of Bali and Java, Canadian raised Alfandary draws upon current trends in fashion, which, coupled with her intuitive sense of feminine grace, produces stunning contemporary designs made of the sterling silver and the highest quality semi-precious stones available on the world market. 

dalia designs are handcrafted by a skilled team of Balinese and Javanese artisans who share the dalia brand mission of creating unique, stunning pieces of jewelry that are recognized on the international stage. 

Our jewelry is shipped to leading retailers throughout the world. Each shipment is made specifically for the order at hand, ensuring precise, unique, near one of a kind production. Our production lead-time of 60 days parallels industry standard for hand crafted, custom made jewelry.


About Dalia



Canadian jewelry designer Dalia Alfandary has been a jeweler almost her entire life. Her father, Rafael Alfandary, was the celebrity accesorizer of his time, renowned for his rough hewn bronze medallions and jewel encrusted chastity belts.

As the rest of us have spent our formative years sweeping back yards and washing cars, so Dalia spent hers at the bench of her father’s workshops. With a more refined and feminine approach to her art, Dalia absorbed the skills of an artisan, the eye of a stone grader and the finesse of a fine jeweler. At an early age, equipped with the skills and techniques developed through time and devotion, she had opened and expanded a chain of jewelry stores in her adopted home of Austin, Texas, reflecting the quintessential Lone Star vibrancy in one-off, collectors pieces.

Taking a break from the hectic pace of life in Austin, she set off on a voyage around the world, to experience something of her parents’ culture in Eastern Europe, and later, to travel further afield.

 Lured to Bali on the hidden promise of a postcard in the window of a Florentine Café, and little thinking of career choices, she soon found a pool of talented craftsmen well suited to bring her designs to life. Able to produce her pieces far more affordably, she gained access to a much wider market than she had ever imagined. Whilst maintaining this broad appeal, she has, in recent years, longed once more to create the kind of pieces that had made her famous back in Texas. With this intention, Dalia has launched a more upmarket range of designs under the label bearing her own name.



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